Phillies uniform numbers, 0 to 99. (2024)

November 18th, 2020

Larry Shenk

Numbers weren’t always part of a major league player’s uniform or identity. The American League first approved numbers in 1929 while the National League started three years later.

For the Phillies, they first wore numbers in 1932, the NL’s initial year. Next step didn’t occur until 1973 when the Phillies put names on the back of their road uniforms. Two years later for home jerseys.

What follows is a numerical history of Phillies numbers, potentially quite numbing.

OF Al Oliver (1984).

RHP Omar Olivares (1995) and RHP Rick White (2006).

CF George (Kiddo) first wore it in 1932 . . . Number retired on August 24, 1979 the night Richie Ashburn was inducted into the Wall of Fame. Whitey wore it, 1948-1960 . . . Who wore it before Whitey? OF Johnny Wyrostek (1946-47) . . . Whitey wore #1 his entire career, Phillies, Cubs (1960-61) and Mets (1962).

Number retired on April 6, 2001 when Jim Bunning threw out the ceremonial first ball on the 30th anniversary of the inaugural game at Veterans Stadium, a game he started and won. Jim wore the number, 1964-67; 1970-71 . . . Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1976 and chose to wear a Phillies cap on his plaque . . . Before Jim? 1B Frank Torre (1963).

Number was retired for Dick Allen on September 3, 2020, the anniversary of his major league debut in 1963. He wore #32 then as well as spring training the following year. When the 1964 season began, he was #15. He wore it through 1969 and 1975-76 . . . Three different players wore it in 1932, OF Cliff Heathcote (final 30 games of his career), RHP Reggie Grabowski (14 games) and 1B Don Hurst, who also wore #4 that year . . . Prior to Allen, INF Billy Consolo wore it in 1962 . . . C Andrew Knapp wore 15 in 2020 until it was retired.

Number retired on May 29, 1990 when Mike Schmidt was inducted into the Phillies Wall of Fame, a year and one day after he played his final game . . . Hall of Fame inductee in 1995 . . . Wore #22 when he came up in September of 1972 . . . When Roger Freed (#20) was traded that winter, Schmidt was given 20. Wore it through the rest of his career.

Highest number on the 1932 Phillies. RHP Ad Liska, who wore it for 8 games that season. Next season, his last one, he was #22.

A year after Steve Carlton last pitched, his number was retired during the Phillies Wall of Fame ceremony, July 30, 1989 . . . HOF induction, 1994 . . . Darrell Brandon wore #32 the year before Lefty came to the Phils (1972) . . . Lefty wore #32 for first 22 years in the bigs; finished with #38 (Twins, 1987-88).

When Roy Halladay was acquired in a trade with the Blue Jays, he got #34, because his Toronto number (32) was retired by the Phillies. The Blue Jays retired 32 in 2018. Phillies #34 was scheduled to be retired on May 29, 2020, the 10th anniversary of his perfect game. Ceremonies were canceled because of the pandemic. Club hopes to have ceremonies in 2021 . . . Last to wear 34 for the Phillies before Halladay was Cliff Lee (34) . . . Knapp wore it starting in 2017 but switched to 15 when plans were announced it would be retired for Halladay.

Robin Roberts wore it his entire Phillies career, 1948-61. Following his last season in red pinstripes, he was sold to the Yankees. Owner Bob Carpenter announced no one would ever wear 36 again on the Phillies . . . Prior to Robbie’s June 18, 1948 debut, RHP Nick Strincevich had worn it. When Robbie walked into the Forbes Field visiting clubhouse, Strincevich was leaving.

No, it hasn’t been retired. Larry Christenson only played for the Phillies in his 11 big-league seasons and wore #38 every year. That’s the longest Phillies tenure for anyone playing his entire career wearing the same number.

Highest number worn by a Phillies player, LHP Mitch (Wild Thing) Williams (1993), RHP Turk Wendell (2001) and 2B So Taguchi (2008) . . . Closest, Tommy Hunter, #96, 2018-20.

Most numbers worn? Seven by two different players, INF Granny Hamner (1, 2, 6, 17, 29, 33, 37) and Hall of Fame OF Chuck Klein (1, 3, 8, 26, 29, 32, 36). Hamner may have the club record for most in a season, 1, 17, 33 in 1948. Yes, Whitey wore #1 that season, his first.

Wearing one number when you break in the majors and another for your career isn’t rare. In addition to Schmidt, there was Greg Luzinski (42 in 1970; 19 thereafter), Jimmy Rollins (29, 2000; 6, 2002; 11), Pat Burrell (33, 2000; 5), Juan Samuel (9, 1983; 8), Ryan Howard (12, 2004; 6) and Darren Daulton (29, 1983; 10).

In 2002, Doug Glanville, who had always worn #6, returned to the Phillies. Rollins was wearing 6. He volunteered to give 6 back to Glanville and Jimmy switched to #11.

Phinally, Phillies managers who wore their number the longest: 9 years--Charlie Manuel, 41, (2005-2013) and Gene Mauch, 4, (1960-68).

Phillies uniform numbers, 0 to 99. (2024)


Who wore number 99 for the Phillies? ›

I was tired of switching my number." The 30-year-old right-hander finalized a $72 million, four-year contract with the National League champion Phillies on Friday and will become the fourth Philadelphia player to wear No. 99 after Mitch Williams (1993), Turk Wendell (2001) and So Taguchi (2008).

Who wore number 1 on the Phillies? ›

The Phillies have retired numbers for seven players, including Schmidt (#20), Carlton (#32), Ashburn (#1), Roberts (#36), Allen (#15), Halladay (#34), and Jim Bunning (#14); the eighth retired number is Jackie Robinson's #42, which was retired throughout baseball in 1997.

Who wore number 7 for the Phillies? ›

7 was taken by Julio Urías during Turner's tenure with the Dodgers. Former Phillies who previously wore No. 7 include Mariano Duncan, Kenny Lofton, Pedro Feliz and Maikel Franco.

Who wore number 10 for the Phillies? ›

10 belonged to Larry Bowa, the second greatest shortstop in franchise history behind Rollins. It also belonged to the late Darren Daulton, the leader of the 1993 National League champions and a man who played the game of baseball longer and lived longer than his beaten-up and broken-down body should have allowed.

Who wore number 99? ›

Number 99 is the quintessential hockey number and that's thanks to Wayne Gretzky.

Who wore #9 Phillies? ›

Merrifield will wear No. 9 with the Phillies, becoming the first player to wear the number since Travis Jankowski in 2021. "Right-handed bat. Really, he can play everywhere on the diamond.

Who wore number 2 for the Phillies? ›

Granny Hamner - #2

Hamner played in every game of the 1950 season. He would go on to play a total of 1,501 games with the Phils in his 16 seasons. He is a member of the Phillies Walk of Fame and the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame. Hamner died in 1993 at the age of 66.

Who wore number 3 for the Phillies? ›

3: Chuck Klein

The Hall of Famer's career began in an era when players didn't wear uniform numbers, and over the course of his 17 seasons, he wore 10 different numbers for three teams, including seven with the Phillies.

Who wore number 4 on the Phillies? ›

4: Lenny Dykstra. Not many players have worn No. 4 in Phillies history, but very few were going to top Lenny Dykstra anyway.

Who wore #11 for the Phillies? ›

Rollins switched uniform numbers from 29 to what would be his permanent uniform number 11, despite wearing number 6 for the 2003 season only. Rollins spent the entire 2001 season with the major league Phillies and hit his first MLB home run on May 2 off of Brian Bohanon of the Colorado Rockies.

Who is #5 on the Phillies? ›

Phillies Roster & Staff
Bryce Harper 3 B/T: L/R Ht: 6' 3" Wt: 210 DOB: 10/16/1992L/R6' 3"
Edmundo Sosa 33 B/T: R/R Ht: 6' 0" Wt: 210 DOB: 03/06/1996R/R6' 0"
Bryson Stott 5 B/T: L/R Ht: 6' 3" Wt: 200 DOB: 10/06/1997L/R6' 3"
Trea Turner 7 B/T: R/R Ht: 6' 2" Wt: 185 DOB: 06/30/1993R/R6' 2"
1 more row

Who wore #15 for the Phillies? ›

Dick Allen's number 15 was retired by the Philadelphia Phillies in 2020. While playing for Philadelphia, Allen appeared on several All-Star teams including the 1965–67 teams (in the latter of these three games, he hit a home run off Dean Chance). He led the league in slugging (.

Who wore number 20 for the Phillies? ›

Mike Schmidt's number 20 was retired by the Philadelphia Phillies in 1990.

Who wore number 14 on the Phillies? ›

Jim Bunning's number 14 was retired by the Philadelphia Phillies in 2001. Bunning pitched for Philadelphia through 1967, when the Phillies began to rebuild. The Phillies traded him to the Pittsburgh Pirates before the 1968 season for four players, including Woodie Fryman and Don Money.

Who wore number 27 for the Phillies? ›

Nola made his major league debut on July 21, 2015, the first Phillies pitcher to debut the season after he was drafted since Pat Combs in 1989. He wore No. 27 for the Phillies, as his college jersey number 10 was used by coach Larry Bowa.

What MLB player wears 99? ›

Aaron James Judge (born April 26, 1992) is an American professional baseball outfielder for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB).

Who is the pitcher for the Phillies 99? ›

Taijuan Walker Stats, Age, Position, Height, Weight, Fantasy & News | Philadelphia Phillies.

Who is the best football player to wear 99? ›

99. Aaron Donald. Honorable mention: J.J. Watt, Warren Sapp, Jason Taylor, DeForest Buckner, Dan Hampton, Mark Gastineau.

Who is on the cover of MLB 99? ›

Baltimore Orioles third baseman Cal Ripken featured on the cover.


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